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The platform for ecommerce data

Ideal for lead generation, data enrichment, market research and alternative investment data.

Active Stores
Ecommerce Platforms

Store Leads gives marketing agencies and app developers the information needed to succeed.

Use Cases

  • Lead Generation

    Turbo charge your prospecting. On average, 135,000 new active stores are added every week. Our powerful segmentation features help to define the perfect audience.

  • Data enrichment

    Augment your leads database to make better prioritization decisions. Take advantage of our CRM integrations or build your own enrichment solution using our API.

  • Market Research

    Use our historical information to find trending stores, apps, technologies and industry verticals.

  • Alternative Investment Data

    Our data has proven invaluable to both public and private equity funds.

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Over 40 attributes tracked.

Our database is updated weekly to ensure that our extensive set of attributes are timely and accurate. Use any combination of 60 search filters to segment the database and find just the right audience.

Firmographic Attributes

  • Merchant name
  • Category/Industry vertical
  • Creation date
  • Estimated monthly sales
  • Employee count
  • Product count
  • Country
  • Company Location
  • Language
  • Rank

Our segmentation feature supports all firmographic attributes, so it's easy to run complex queries like: "all Apparel stores using Shopify in the US selling at least 10 products".

firmographic data
Firmographic data.

Social Media Accounts and Contact Info

Social media accounts and follower counts on the following networks are included.

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn

Easily segment stores by social media presence and number of followers. You can even search and sort by follower count growth rate making it trivial to find brands that are growing or shrinking.

Social media urls for the following networks are included.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
Contact Information
Social media and contact info
Social media and contact info.

Technographic Attributes

  • Ecommerce platform
  • Installed apps
  • Date of app install
  • Historic change log of app installs/uninstalls
  • Estimated monthly app spend
  • Shipping carriers
  • Third-party technologies
  • Pricing plan
  • Top-level domains
  • Domain status
  • Theme
  • Theme Vendor
  • Theme Style

See which apps and third-party technologies are installed on each store along with the installation date. Look at the change log to see the date of every app install and uninstall.

Segment stores by app or technology installation date. You can even search for (or filter out) all stores running any drop-shipping app.

Installed apps
Installed apps.

Learn more about our platform-specific attributes.


Over 800 happy monthly customers.


    “Store Leads outshines all other tools on the market with its unparalleled data and unmatched filter quality. It's the clear choice for any SaaS business seeking the best.”


    “Store Leads has been a game-changer for us. It has allowed us to find businesses that we know we can deliver value for, which has made reaching out to them much more relevant for both parties.”

  • Springbot

    “The prospecting tool our team has been waiting for. Salesforce integration is top-notch.”

    Matt Gianakos
    Director of Business Development, Springbot
  • Tribe Dynamics

    “Store Leads has totally changed the game for our company's marketing program.”

  • Loop Returns

    “Store Leads has made our business operations efficient and saved our team hundreds of hours of prospecting.”


    “There is no other site out there that provides this level of detail at a reasonable rate.”

    Daniel Wright
    VP of Sales, Route


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$75 /month

For interactive use of our UI.

Feature Included
Data Access All stores on any 2 ecommerce platforms
Searches 2,000 searches per month
Chrome Extension Yes
CRM Enrichment Manual
Workflows Email only
$35/additional user/month


$250 /month

Fully featured plan - includes exports.

Feature Included
Data Access All stores on any 2 ecommerce platforms
Unlimited Searches Yes
Export to CSV Yes
API Access Yes
Chrome Extension Yes
CRM Enrichment Automatic
Workflows All automations
$35/additional user/month


$450 /month

For unlimited platforms.

Feature Included
Data Access All stores
Unlimited Searches Yes
Export to CSV Yes
API Access Yes
Chrome Extension Yes
CRM Enrichment Automatic.
Workflows All automations
$35/additional user/month


$950 /month

For large teams needing advanced CRM features.

Feature Included
Data Access All stores
Unlimited Searches Yes
Export to CSV Yes
API Access Yes
Higher Rate Limits
Chrome Extension Yes
CRM Enrichment Automatic.
CRM Custom Search Filters Yes
Calculated Values Yes
Workflows All automations
Product Search Yes
Historical Data Full Access
Custom Match Yes
Dedicated Account Manager Yes
$35/additional user/month

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Get more value out of your favorite tools with our detailed store data.

Existing Integrations

Take advantage of our existing integrations to enrich data in your CRM to help make better prioritization decisions.


Create and update HubSpot companies from Store Leads data.

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Create and update Outreach accounts from Store Leads data.

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Create and update Salesforce accounts from Store Leads data.

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See company employees and contact data. Use workflows to automatically create CRM contacts from data.

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See company employees and contact data.

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Custom Integrations

Build your own integration using our API. Anything is possible including:

  • Augment your custom leads database.
  • Add our data to your churn analysis tool to correlate lost revenue with events (for instance, installation of a competitive app).

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What data is available for each store?
We collect dozens of attributes depending on the store's ecommerce platform.
How often is the data updated?
Data is updated weekly.
Which ecommerce platforms are supported?
The database contains active stores on the following platforms.
4,731,381 WooCommerce stores
2,350,287 Shopify stores
1,679,144 Custom Cart stores
698,801 Wix stores
295,131 Squarespace stores
263,106 Bandcamp stores
261,408 Square Online stores
223,900 OpenCart stores
208,829 PrestaShop stores
188,900 Big Cartel stores
184,465 Ecwid stores
165,413 GoDaddy Online Store stores
145,850 Magento stores
109,558 Cafe24 stores
106,599 Tiendanube stores
(also known as Nuvemshop)
74,523 BASE stores
64,674 Odoo stores
57,853 Takeaway stores
56,597 YouCan stores
50,639 JouwWeb stores
47,799 Mercado Shops stores
44,431 Weebly Commerce stores
44,030 BigCommerce stores
36,439 I'm Web stores
36,325 Kajabi stores
36,013 Loja Integrada stores
35,181 prom stores
35,054 SHOPLINE stores
34,198 Thinkific stores
33,922 Shopware stores
32,790 Spring stores
30,063 Shoptet stores
29,864 Color Me Shop stores
29,290 Alibaba Minisite stores
28,950 Teachable stores
24,393 Tray Commerce stores
22,563 Lightspeed stores
22,227 OEMSaaS stores
20,743 ePages stores
19,777 Salla stores
17,345 BaseKit stores
17,116 Yampi stores
17,065 Menufy stores
16,533 Gumroad stores
16,137 LnwShop stores
16,011 VirtueMart stores
15,913 Shoper stores
15,664 Shoplazza stores
14,848 nopCommerce stores
13,426 ueeshop stores
12,899 Webflow stores
12,216 Drupal Commerce stores
11,894 Sapo stores
11,327 osCommerce stores
11,211 Haravan stores
10,482 CS-Cart stores
10,321 Etsy Pattern stores
10,214 Ticimax stores
10,179 ShopBase stores
9,719 Art Storefronts stores
8,830 IdeaSoft stores
8,290 JTL-Shop stores
8,121 Gambio stores
7,911 SumUp stores
7,881 NHN Godo stores
7,803 The Print Bar stores
7,703 EasyStore stores
7,632 UNAS stores
7,514 Zid stores
7,406 Empretienda stores
7,160 Jumpseller stores
6,854 Zen Cart stores
6,791 3DCart stores
6,711 Podia stores
6,647 sixshop stores
6,414 Fourthwall stores
6,372 VTEX stores
6,349 Dooca stores
6,205 Mijnwebwinkel stores
6,043 Sage stores
5,506 Shoprenter stores
5,480 Farmacie in Italia stores
5,385 Pixels stores
5,353 Threadless stores
5,312 ikas stores
5,259 Oracle Commerce stores
(also known as ATG)
5,089 Salesforce Commerce Cloud stores
(also known as Demandware)
5,033 MakeWebEasy stores
4,795 STORES stores
4,794 Easy Order stores
4,523 SatuKZ stores
4,460 IdoSell stores
4,227 CCV Shop stores
4,198 BeatStars stores
3,731 Snipcart stores
3,693 NetSuite SuiteCommerce stores
3,693 cartX stores
(also known as Cartpanda)
3,666 AspDotNetStorefront stores
3,625 TeeChip stores
3,601 SAP Commerce Cloud stores
3,491 Yahoo Store stores
3,468 MakeShop stores
3,449 Dukaan stores
3,342 Spreadshop stores
3,248 Quickbutik stores
3,165 Unicart stores
3,042 MakanE stores
2,911 Rain stores
2,841 Abicart stores
2,839 Cyberbiz stores
2,824 T1paginas stores
2,705 Sitedish stores
2,654 OXID eShop stores
2,408 plentymarkets stores
2,267 EC-CUBE stores
2,188 MerchantPro stores
2,187 neto stores
2,170 Shopyy stores
2,093 wBuy stores
2,023 meepShop stores
2,020 Shopmatic stores
1,982 Future Shop stores
1,832 WiziShop stores
1,810 QDM stores
1,740 Dropify stores
1,735 Volusion stores
1,716 Irroba stores
1,669 Wuilt stores
1,629 Miva Merchant stores
1,617 Boutir stores
1,587 City Hive stores
1,537 Magazord stores
1,533 ShopDeck stores
1,483 SHOPAGE stores
1,470 Zoho Commerce stores
1,464 Commerce7 stores
1,431 AmeriCommerce stores
(also known as
1,407 Booqable stores
1,391 WineDirect stores
1,373 91APP stores
1,356 Oddle stores
1,353 CommentSold stores
1,308 SmartEtailing stores
1,237 Instamojo stores
1,189 Spree Commerce stores
1,131 Network Solutions Commerce stores
(also known as Monster Commerce)
1,108 Wikinggruppen stores
1,098 HCL Commerce stores
1,055 Launch Cart stores
1,027 Shopkit stores
1,003 PhotoShelter stores
945 Visualsoft stores
933 Vnda stores
844 Ordable stores
842 Sana Commerce stores
807 WACA stores
793 Getshop Today stores
792 TokoTalk stores
786 Funnelish stores
760 Dotpe stores
705 Finqu stores
701 Zyda stores
696 EC Force stores
690 Tradift stores
667 Music Glue stores
648 Sellfy stores
643 Cartzy stores
610 AllValue stores
593 StorEnvy stores
573 Printify stores
573 Intershop stores
569 Crystal Commerce stores
567 Coachannel stores
558 Lazyshop stores
548 Storeino stores
501 Sodexo stores
490 ecbeing stores
479 Starweb stores
478 BW Commerce stores
465 Easy My Shop stores
461 Cococart stores
448 Coachy stores
436 Fenicio stores
434 GrazeCart stores
434 E37 stores
434 Zammit stores
407 Ochre stores
388 Askås stores
382 Microweber stores
376 Saffire stores
360 StoreHippo stores
357 THG Ingenuity stores
354 goimagine stores
346 Litium stores
318 ebisumart stores
317 Fbits stores
303 Meshop stores
294 Mshop stores
289 SellersCommerce stores
281 tossdown stores
277 Norce stores
262 Jetshop stores
247 Webmercs stores
245 Scayle stores
238 Linx Commerce stores
237 Centra stores
226 Vendre stores
216 Fastcommerce stores
215 ecomz stores
193 2Cshop stores
193 Moovin stores
191 Oracle CX Commerce stores
175 Twice Commerce stores
170 JET stores
170 ExpandCart stores
164 STOREBERRY stores
156 Spryker stores
156 CommerceHQ stores
152 Shopcada stores
151 XShoppy stores
148 82Cart stores
147 Bentoweb stores
146 Treet stores
145 Oro stores
144 weedmaps stores
141 Xonic stores
135 Unilog stores
128 Commercev3 stores
125 Novomind stores
114 B2B Store stores
101 cleverbridge stores
94 29 Next stores
92 NinjaOS stores
89 Elevar stores
85 FunPinPin stores
85 Swell stores
83 Samishop stores
81 Zupain stores
81 zVendo stores
80 Sprwt stores
72 Sharetribe stores
65 Viskan stores
60 Convertize stores
60 ShopTill-E stores
56 SureDone stores
54 WSHOP stores
54 Sitecore Commerce stores
50 Delivery Biz Pro stores
48 RentMy stores
48 Matajer stores
47 TapGoods stores
44 Lattex stores
42 IRP stores
38 Bookmanager stores
37 CommerceUp stores
36 Shoplo stores
34 Kometia stores
29 F1 Commerce stores
29 Inovarti stores
26 Dutchie Plus stores
22 Codshopy stores
19 ShopExpress stores
13 Digital River stores
12 Townsend Music stores
12 Workarea stores
10 stores
10 Stoom stores
7 Wx3 stores
6 Bleez stores
2 Ultra Commerce stores
2 SIRCLO stores
1 Continued Fashion stores
1 StackCommerce stores
How many stores are added every month?
On average, in late-2021, 110,000 new active stores are added every week.
How many stores are active?
The database includes 13,202,295 active stores and 341,855 stores that are password-protected (which means that they are wholesale businesses requiring an account or they may launch soon).