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Overview is a sales intelligence and engagement platform.

The Store Leads database does not include any personal information, so customers often use other data vendors to find contact information for the stores in our database. The integration makes it easier to access contact data when using Store Leads.

Enabling the Integration

  1. To enable the integration, visit the Integrations page in the Dashboard and click on "". Integration Summary Integration Summary.
  2. You'll see a page that summarizes the integration. Before you can enable the integration, you'll need to enter your API Key. API key API key.
  3. Now click the enable button.

    Enable Integration
    Enable Integration.
  4. At this point, the integration is enabled.

Disabling the Integration

If you wish to deactivate the integration, simply click the disable button.

Disable Integration
Disable Integration.

Managing Personas

Even though has their own functionality to support personas, they do not expose persona data through their API. Instead, you can creates personas within Store Leads.

Personas are used to filter contacts based on their job title. Create separate personas for each type of contact that you want to reach. Personas can be used to automatically create CRM records from data during weekly workflows.

Managing Personas
Managing Personas.

Click the "Create New Persona" button to get started.

Create a persona
Create a Persona.

To configure a persona, provide the following information:

  • Name: Each persona needs a unique name.
  • Job Functions: A list of job functions to match. Contacts are automatically mapped to job functions based on their job titles. Do not check any values to match contacts in any job function.
  • Management Levels: A list of management levels to match. Contacts are automatically mapped to management levels based on their job titles. Do not check any values to match contats at any management level.
  • Job Titles: A comma-separated list of job titles to match. Use this to match on specific job titles (e.g., chief troublemaker) rather than our predefined job functions.

In order to match the persona, a contact's job function must match any of the checked values (if any are checked) AND a contact's management level must match any of the checked values (if any are checked) AND a contact's job title must match any of the job titles (if any are provided).

Expand the Exclusion Rules section to configure a list of job functions, management levels and job titles to filter out from the persona.

Click the Save button to save the new persona.

list of persona
List of Personas.

Click the Edit button next to the persona to modify or delete it.

Manually Creating CRM Contacts From

With the integration enabled, you can now manually create contacts from data This feature can only be used if you have a CRM integration enabled.

Start by viewing the details for a domain and clicking on a CRM tab. In the example below, we show the CRM tab for HubSpot. You will see contact data from for people working at the store that you're looking at (if any). Contact List Contact List.

You can filter contacts by job title and click on the person's name to visit their LinkedIn page. Viewing the list of contacts that work at a company is free through the API.

To create a HubSpot contact, simply click on the "Create In HubSpot" button. To create a contact, the contact's email address is fetched from which costs 1 credit.

Automatically Creating CRM Contacts From

With the integration enabled, a workflow can be configured to automatically create CRM contacts from data retrieved through the API. API Rate Limits

One notable constraint of the integration is that has a fairly restrictive rate limit on API calls. Their Professional plan allows up to 1,000 API calls per day which puts a maximium on the number of contacts that can be created. When creating contacts, we first have to query the API to find people working at a store (which requires at least API call) and then another API call to fetch the email address of each person. The exact number of contacts that can be created per day depends on the the configuration of the Contact Creation Rules in your workflow and on the coverage of data within for the stores that you are targetting.

As a result of this constraint, you may want to contact sales to create a custom plan with a higher API rate limit.