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Alternative Data for Ecommerce

Find trading signals before the stock prices update.

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Find a new brand before it goes big.

Looking for unique insights on ecommerce stores and platforms? Our data can help you make better informed investment decisions and allow you to react before the rest of the market.

You won't find a more complete and detailed dataset of ecommerce stores. Our entire dataset is updated weekly, the fastest in the industry. API notifications allow your analysts to consume our data programmatically the instant it becomes available.

All data is collected by crawling public web pages. The dataset contains no material nonpublic information and no personal information.

Contact us to learn more about our collection methodoly and how other financial institutions are using our data to help make better investment decisions.


Aggregate data by platform to compare relative performance.

You'll get detailed information on 11,535,689 active stores running across our supported ecommerce platforms:

3,653,596 WooCommerce stores
1,705,144 Shopify stores
1,338,240 Custom Cart stores
1,329,834 GoDaddy Online Store stores
854,592 Wix stores
260,081 Squarespace stores
218,112 PrestaShop stores
195,425 Square Online stores
183,022 Ecwid stores
167,145 Big Cartel stores
158,956 Magento stores
155,210 OpenCart stores
115,226 Cafe24 stores
72,819 Bandcamp stores
61,740 BASE stores
57,277 Tiendanube stores
52,186 Weebly Commerce stores
47,535 BigCommerce stores
47,419 BaseKit stores
37,973 Loja Integrada stores
36,078 prom stores
34,608 YouCan stores
28,095 Thinkific stores
25,184 Kajabi stores
24,365 JouwWeb stores
23,929 Takeaway stores
23,674 Gambio stores
23,608 Shopware stores
23,338 Mercado Shops stores
23,141 SHOPLINE stores
22,447 Spring stores
20,997 STORES stores
20,974 Shoptet stores
16,896 Color Me Shop stores
16,888 Tray Commerce stores
16,700 TeeChip stores
16,645 cartX stores
16,311 Odoo stores
14,634 Etsy Pattern stores
13,937 Shoper stores
13,452 Menufy stores
13,136 Shoplazza stores
11,811 LnwShop stores
11,652 Teachable stores
11,630 3DCart stores
11,627 Sapo stores
11,190 ePages stores
10,734 Salla stores
10,433 I'm Web stores
10,041 Alibaba Minisite stores
8,763 NHN Godo stores
8,747 Haravan stores
8,618 Unicart stores
8,611 Shopyy stores
8,179 nopCommerce stores
7,818 IdeaSoft stores
7,710 ueeshop stores
7,625 Volusion stores
7,562 XShoppy stores
7,115 82Cart stores
6,907 EasyStore stores
6,505 sixshop stores
6,403 MakeWebEasy stores
6,329 Webflow stores
6,119 Ticimax stores
6,037 Oracle Commerce stores
5,637 Yampi stores
5,579 BeatStars stores
5,231 Lightspeed stores
5,075 VTEX stores
4,991 Salesforce Commerce Cloud stores
4,963 ShopBase stores
4,548 Sage stores
4,450 MakeShop stores
4,197 JTL-Shop stores
4,146 Farmacie in Italia stores
4,049 Art Storefronts stores
3,909 HCL Commerce stores
3,764 SatuKZ stores
3,756 SAP Commerce Cloud stores
2,981 AspDotNetStorefront stores
2,970 FunPinPin stores
2,836 IdoSell stores
2,711 Zid stores
2,700 Quickbutik stores
2,649 NetSuite SuiteCommerce stores
2,613 Abicart stores
2,565 Rain stores
2,341 neto stores
2,299 Empretienda stores
2,152 plentymarkets stores
2,151 CommentSold stores
2,042 Cyberbiz stores
1,919 WiziShop stores
1,913 Shopmatic stores
1,816 ExpandCart stores
1,814 Yahoo Store stores
1,790 Boutir stores
1,766 Dukaan stores
1,731 TokoTalk stores
1,702 SIRCLO stores
1,617 Spree Commerce stores
1,611 Cartzy stores
1,610 Dooca stores
1,585 MerchantPro stores
1,509 Future Shop stores
1,434 Spreadshop stores
1,410 91APP stores
1,383 Network Solutions Commerce stores
1,256 QDM stores
1,255 Miva Merchant stores
1,166 SmartEtailing stores
1,091 Visualsoft stores
1,076 AmeriCommerce stores
1,054 Irroba stores
1,018 Wikinggruppen stores
1,008 meepShop stores
994 WineDirect stores
963 City Hive stores
814 Zyda stores
803 Music Glue stores
656 Commerce7 stores
548 WACA stores
445 Vnda stores
430 THG Ingenuity stores
397 Magazord stores
394 GrazeCart stores
387 Intershop stores
379 AllValue stores
373 Cococart stores
360 Starweb stores
355 Fbits stores
308 Bookmanager stores
306 Ochre stores
280 Askås stores
279 Storeino stores
276 Easy My Shop stores
255 OEMSaaS stores
245 Getshop Today stores
243 Fastcommerce stores
242 Microweber stores
241 zVendo stores
228 Bentoweb stores
228 JET stores
184 CommerceHQ stores
181 ecomz stores
175 Wuilt stores
170 E37 stores
168 Shopcada stores
163 StackCommerce stores
156 Oracle CX Commerce stores
144 Linx Commerce stores
130 2Cshop stores
121 Vendre stores
118 Moovin stores
106 UraStore stores
99 Meshop stores
94 tossdown stores
78 Sprwt stores
76 Sitecore Commerce stores
70 Delivery Biz Pro stores
65 F1 Commerce stores
51 Convertize stores
49 Workarea stores
47 ShopExpress stores
45 Viskan stores
45 ShopTill-E stores
40 stores
37 CommerceUp stores
34 Inovarti stores
23 Bleez stores
9 Wx3 stores
8 Stoom stores

As an example of insight available through our data, in the first 4 months after Square Online launched (in March 2016), they converted an astounding 73% of active stores to paid plans, adding $1m ARR in that time.

Store Data

Get detailed information for each and every store.

For each store, you'll receive the following details, allowing you determine the relative importance of each store. This helps you judge the quality of merchants on each platform.

  • Creation date
  • Category/Industry vertical
  • Social media accounts and follower counts
  • Employee count
  • Estimated monthly sales
  • Installed apps
  • Third-party technologies
  • Estimated monthly app spend (Shopify only)
  • Country
  • Language
  • Rank
  • Pricing Plan (if known)
  • Product count
  • Domain status
  • Theme (Shopify only)
  • Ecommerce platform
  • and more...
Store detail viewer.

Historical Data

Weekly snapshots going back to early 2019.

Our database is updated weekly and only includes stores that are are currently active, password-protected or recently became inactive. Stores that have been inactive for a long time are trimmed from the database since they are not of interest to most of our customers. But historical archives can be a valuable source of alternative data, so we make our weekly archives, going back to February 2019, available for download through our API.


Access to our full dataset for alternative data use costs $450/month. This includes weekly updates and unlimited downloads through our API.

There's More

We have pricing information for over 800 million products sold by ecommerce stores.

And there's more information in our database that we haven't made available yet. So just let us know if you need something unique, we may be able to help.