Alternative Data for E-Commerce

Find trading signals before the stock prices update.

Looking for unique insights on e-commerce stores and platforms? Our data can help you make better informed investment decisions and allow you to react before the rest of the market.

You won't find a more complete and detailed dataset of e-commerce stores. Our entire dataset is updated weekly, the fastest in the industry. API notifications allow your analysts to consume our data programmatically the instant it becomes available.


Aggregate data by platform to compare relative performance.

You'll get detailed information on over a million stores running across our supported e-commerce platforms:

  • 48,986 Big Commerce stores
  • 122,496 Magento stores
  • 1,362,147 Shopify stores
  • 20,575 Square Online Store stores
  • 1,077,991 WooCommerce stores

Get insight on the performance of each platform by tracking active store growth.

New Stores Per Month (Shopify)
New Stores Per Month (Big Commerce)
New Stores Per Month (Square Online Store)

As an example of insight available through our data, in the first 4 months after Square Online Store launched (in March 2016), they have converted an astounding 73% of active stores to paid plans, adding $1m ARR in that time.


Get detailed information for each and every store.

For each store, you'll receive the following details, allowing you determine the relative importance of each store. This helps you judge the quality of merchants on each platform.

  • Creation date
  • Category (industry vertical)
  • Social media accounts and follower counts
  • Installed apps (Shopify only)
  • Estimated monthly app spend (Shopify only)
  • Country
  • Language
  • Pricing Plan (if known)
  • Product count (Shopify only)
  • Domain status
  • Theme (Shopify only)
  • E-commerce platform
Store detail viewer.


Access to our full dataset for alternative data use costs $450/month. This includes weekly updates and unlimited downloads through our API.

There's More

We have pricing information for over 60 million products sold by e-commerce stores.

And there's more information in our database that we haven't made available yet. So just let us know if you need something unique, we may be able to help.