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Advanced search preserves filters

Advanced Seach can be a little tricky to use but it is only option if you want to run complex searches (like filtering out stores running a specific app). Often, you'll start by running a Basic Search and later realize that you need to switch to Advanced Search to get the best results. In doing so, you have to enter the search parameters again because switching to Advanced Search would result in a brand new search.

Segment Stores by Pricing Plan Change Date

Let's say that you want to find all Shopify stores that have switch to Shopify Plus since a specific date. To support this use case, we've added a filter that allows you to find stores based on the last date that they changed pricing plans. To do this, switch to Advanced Search and add the filters from the screenshot below. Last Plan Change filter. Then click the Execute Search button to see all stores that have switched to Shopify Plus since the provided date.

Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, ExpandCart and Spree Commerce

We've just added support for stores running on 5 new e-commerce platforms to the Store Leads database. Wix is a popular website builder that powers a decent number of e-commerce stores. Squarespace is another popular website builder that also support e-commerce. Webflow is a modern website builder with e-commerce support. ExpandCart is a dedicated e-commerce platform that is popular is Arab countries.

Estimating Products Sold

For Shopify stores, we track the number of products that each store sells. But for stores using other e-commerce platforms, we are unable to track the exact number of products sold. This is really useful information so we've added an estimate of the number of products sold for non-Shopify stores. Estimates are powered by algorithm that looks at the number of web pages on each store. We trained a model which compares page counts to known product counts from Shopify.

Segment Stores by Location

In our last post, we described our new State/Province and City filters that supported segmenting stores in specific location. While that's helpful, if you're looking for stores that are operated locally, you'll often want to search a cluster of cities. This is especially true in dense urban areas where there are often 5-10 different cities within a few hours drive. To support this use case, we've added a location-based filter that allows you to find all stores within a specific radius of a given location.

Segment Stores by City and State

When Store Leads was first launched, it included a filter to segment stores by the store's country of operation. While this is useful information, there are many use cases that need a more precise location. Let's say you wanted to know which online stores were run out of your home town. We've just added State/Province and City filters that allow you to do just that. To use the new filters, start by filtering on a specific country.

Segment Stores by Number of Employees

We're now tracking the number of employees for stores in our database. To date, we've collected employee on 10,000 stores and we're adding more every day. Number of Employees. Use the Employee filter (shown above) groups stores into predefined groups (e.g., 1-9 employees). Employee Count filter. If the groupings in the Employee filter don't meet need your needs, you can use Advanced search to filter on custom ranges.