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What's new in the world of ecommerce data

CRM Attributes in Calculated Values

Calculated Values can now reference attributes from your CRM. Along with the recently announced feature that supports using Calculated Values to define custom search filters, this allows you to search Store Leads using any data defined in your CRM. As an example, the following expression returns true if a Salesforce Account has a Parent record. has(_salesforce.ParentId) The resulting search filter looks like this: Example Search Filter based on Calculated Value.

Custom Search Filters

Calculated Values can now be used to define custom search filters. To do so, simply define a Calculated Value and enable the Search Filter option. Define Calculated Value. The search filter will now be available within Basic Search, Advanced Search or both (depending on the type returned by the Calculated Value's expression). Calculated Values as Search Filter. Search filters are calculated every night so newly created search filters can take up to 24 hours to appear.

Calculated Values in CSV Export and Search Results

Earlier this year, we launched the ability to write custom values to fields in your CRM. These custom values are based on the results of an arbitrary expression. This feature proved to be so useful that We're bringing this functionality into the Store Leads UI. It's now possible to: Add calculated values to search results Add calculated values to CSV exports Save calculated values for later reuse and sharing with your team.

Show technologies used on any website

The Store Leads Chrome Extension shows detailed information for any ecommerce website in the Store Leads database. But if you're visiting a website that is not in the Store Leads database, you may still find it useful to see the technologies used on (and contact info for) the site. This is helpful when reviewing a site that is not yet in our database (which may happen for new sites since our database is updated weekly) or when prospecting outside of the ecommerce website.

Custom Matches

Store Leads provides dozens of filtering options along with tracking for over 2,400 different apps and over 600 technoloigies. But sometimes that's just not enough and you need even more precise ways to find the exact stores that you're looking for. To support this, we've just added Custom Matches which allow you to specify patterns for us to look for on each website. We'll automatically tag the websites that contain these patterns and you can easily search for them using our search filters.