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Store Leads Blog

What's new in the world of ecommerce data

Custom Matches

Store Leads provides dozens of filtering options along with tracking for over 2,400 different apps and over 600 technoloigies. But sometimes that's just not enough and you need even more precise ways to find the exact stores that you're looking for. To support this, we've just added Custom Matches which allow you to specify patterns for us to look for on each website. We'll automatically tag the websites that contain these patterns and you can easily search for them using our search filters.

Updated Sales Estimates

We've just launched an overhaul of the way that we estimate sales for stores in our database. Historically, sales estimates were based on a number of different signals including traffic estimates, monitoring product inventories, social media followers and various other signals that can be used to estimate the size of a merchant (e.g., use of a 1-800 number). As part of improving our estimates, we've invested a lot of time in making our internal traffic estimates more accurate.

Add A Site To Our Database

Store Leads automatically discovers and includes most ecommerce domains in our database. But sometimes we're missing a domain. This typically happens if the site uses a custom (or headless) ecommerce implementation and we can't automatically detect ecommerce functionality on the site. To make this easier to fix these cases, we've just updated our Chrome Extension to support suggesting a site for inclusion in the database. Request Inclusion in the Chrome Extension.