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What's new in the world of ecommerce data

Custom Mappings for HubSpot Company Properties

When we first released our HubSpot integration, we sent all Store Leads data to custom company properties with a name that started with sl_. This is still the default behavior but it is now possible to customize the mapping between Store Leads data and HubSpot company properties. This can be useful if you always want to use Store Leads data for HubSpot default company properties. For instance, it is now possible to to map the Store Leads city, which defaults to a company property named sl_city, to the default HubSpot City company propery.

Salesforce Integration

We've just released an integration with Salesforce, a popular customer relationship management platform. With the Salesforce integration enabled, accounts on all plans can manually create new Salesforce accounts from Store Leads domains. Existing Salesforce accounts can also be manually updated. Accounts on the Pro or Elite plans can also: Automatically update all Salesforce accounts with the latest Store Leads data. This happens automatically as soon as we refresh our data (weekly).

Automatic Tags

We are now automatically labeling (or tagging) stores in our database if the store is interesting for some reason. For instance, a store that is rapidly growing Instagram followers will be tagged as "Trending on Instagram". Here are the tags we support: Dropshipper: The store is using a dropshipping app. Print on Demand: The store is using a print-on-demand app. Trending on Facebook: The store has at least 5,000 Facebook followers and at least 5% growth over the last 30 days.