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Historical Data

Store Leads maintains archives of store data in all of our weekly data updates going back to early 2019. In the past, the only way to access historical data was to download it through our API. This was a fairly tedious process that required technical assistance to integrate with our API. Once the data was downloaded, it was still challenging to make use of it since the total data volume exceeds 1 terabyte. Often, the data was loaded into an analytical database, however this is another time-consuming and costly process.

We've just added several new features that make it easier to make use of our historical data.

  • Live searches can be run against historical data directly within the Dashboard.
  • Data can be exported from historical searches.
  • Time series data for arbitrary domain attributes can be viewed within the Dashboard.
  • Raw data files can be transferred to Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage from within the Dashboard.

Read our historical data documentation for more information.

Note: Historical data is only available on the Enterprise plan.