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CRM Attributes in Calculated Values

Calculated Values can now reference attributes from your CRM.

Along with the recently announced feature that supports using Calculated Values to define custom search filters, this allows you to search Store Leads using any data defined in your CRM.

As an example, the following expression returns true if a Salesforce Account has a Parent record.


The resulting search filter looks like this:

Example Custom Search Filter
Example Search Filter based on Calculated Value.

Expressions can combine references to CRM data with domain attributes provided by Store Leads. For instance, the following expression returns true if a domain is based in the US or Canada, has more than 1 million esimated visits per month and has a Salesforce Parent record.

_domain.country_code in ['US', 'CA'] &&
  _domain.estimated_visits > 1000000 &&

Note: This feature is only available on the Enterprise plan.