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What's new in the world of ecommerce data

Country Delivery for Shopify Stores

It's now possible to see (and search on) the list of countries that most Shopify stores support for delivery. When looking at the details for a Shopify store that supports delivery, you'll see a new summary line that describes the countries the store supports. Summary of Country Delivery. If the store only ships to 1 or 2 countries, the country names are provided. If the store ships to more than 2 countries, a count of the countries is provided.

New Workflow Summary

Workflows are a set of actions that run automatically after we do our weekly data updates. Sometimes, the actions in a workflow can take a long time to complete. This is especially true if the workflow includes an integration with an external vendor that has rate limits. In these cases, it may take several days for the workflow to complete due to these rate limits. During this time, it can be difficult to understand how much progress the workflow has made and how much work remains to be done. Workflow Action

Our new workflow action supports automatic creation of contacts at any stores matching a workflow. Action. The action supports the following configuration: Limit Determines the maximum number of contacts a company should have. If the company already has the maximum number of contacts (or more), then nothing is done. If there are fewer than the maximum number of contacts, then we'll try to create contacts until the maximum is reached.

Configurable Salesforce Lead Matching Logic

By default, we match Salesforce Leads to stores in our database by looking at the Website and Email columns in our database. However, sometimes the values in these fields can't be trusted, especially if they are set by customer-facing forms where the customer is free to enter any value for, say, the Email field. In cases like this, where you may not trust the Email field, it's now possible to configure which fields to use when matching Leads. Contact Management Improvements

We've just pushed a significant improvment to our integration focused on contact management. Many people use the contact management and sequencing features within If you used those features, then you'd often need to switch back and forth between Store Leads and since we didn't support Contact management within Store Leads - until now. It's now possible to do the following within the Store Leads UI: Create Apollo.