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Calculated Values for CRM Integrations

Store Leads offers the ability to enrich CRM records with dozens of data points. We have most of your needs covered out-of-the-box but, sometimes, you'll want to include a custom value. As an example, let's say that you'd like to enrich your CRM with a field that contains the number of technologies that Store Leads detects on a site. By default, we send the full list of technology names to the CRM. So how do you go from the list of technologies to a count? In the past, you'd need to leverage the CRM's capabilities to calculate the desired value and write it to a new field. HubSpot provides workflows to do this, but workflows have limited capabilities and require a more expensive plan. Similarly, Salesforce provides APEX triggers, which are incredibly powerful but are difficult and time-consuming to write, test and deploy to a production Salesforce instance.

To make this easier, we've just introduced the ability to write calculated values during CRM enrichment. Calculated values write the results of an arbitrary expression to fields in your CRM. Expressions are written in Common Expression Language.

Calculated Values for Salesforce Account fields.

Since you'll often want to write different data depending on the object type, calculated values can be defined for each CRM object type separately:

Writing expressions can be a little tricky, so don't hesitate to ask for help.

Note that calculated values are only available on the Elite or Enterprise plan.