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How do I share access to my paid plan?

Access to your paid plan can be shared with other people at your company.

Follow these steps to share access to your Pro or Elite plan with other users.

  1. Open the Account page.
  2. Click on the "Enterprise Account" tab.
  3. To share your account with another user, enter their email address in the "Invite New User" section and click the "Invite" button.
    Enterprise account sharing
    Enterprise account sharing.
  4. The invited user will receive an email with instructions to accept your invite. You can also use this page to revoke invites or remove users that have accepted your invite at any time.


Users can be assigned to one of the following roles.

  • Regular
  • Users with the "Regular" role are able to see all data but cannot perform administrative duties (listed below).

  • Admin
  • Users with the "Admin" role are able to see all data and can perform the following administrive duties.

    • View the Payment History for the account
    • Change selected ecommerce platforms
    • Invite users to share access to account
    • Remove users from account
    • Change role assigned to other users (except the Super User)
    • Configure CRM integrations