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What is rank and how is it calculated?

Rank is a measure of the relative popularity of ecommerce stores. A store with a lower number for rank is more popular than a store with a higher numbered rank. The most popular store in our database has rank #1.

We also provide a platform rank metric (sometimes called "Shopify Rank" or "Magento Rank") for each store. This metric is a measure of the store's popularity relative to other stores using the same ecommerce platform.

Rank (and platform rank) are calculated using a combination of the following factors:

  • Traffic estimates: We source traffic estimates for each domain from a number of different vendors. These traffic estimates are not available as a separate metric within our product, because we're not licensed to redistribute them, however we use them internally as part of our rank calculation.
  • Page rank and harmonic centrality from the Common Crawl project: This data is based on the number and quality of links to each domain. For determining the popularity of a domain, we find this data to less accurate than traffic estimates, but it has excellent coverage for the long tail of domains (with around 1 billion domains in their dataset).
  • The number of followers on social media accounts.