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What is rank and how is it calculated?

Rank is a measure of the relative popularity of ecommerce stores. A store with a lower number for rank is more popular than a store with a higher numbered rank. The most popular store in our database has rank #1.

We also provide a platform rank metric (sometimes called "Shopify Rank" or "Magento Rank") for each store. This metric is a measure of the store's popularity relative to other stores using the same ecommerce platform.

Rank (and platform rank) are calculated using a combination of the following factors:

  • Alexa rank: Alexa rank is based on traffic estimates and does a really good job of identifying the top stores. This has the largest influence on our rank. However, Alexa rank doesn't cover the long tail of ecommerce stores. Only about 40% of the domains in our database are covered by Alexa.
  • Page rank and harmonic centrality from the Common Crawl project: This data is based on the number and quality of links to each domain. We find it to be of less value than Alexa's ranks, but it has excellent coverage for the long tail (with around 1 billion domains in their dataset).
  • The number of followers on social media accounts.