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CSV Column Separator for Multiple Values

Exporting data to a CSV file is convenient since CSV files are supported by many different programs, including the ever-popular spreadsheet. The main downside to CSV files is that they aren't great for representing structured data. To handle structured data cleanly, we encourage people to use our API but, of course, APIs are nowhere near as convenient as a CSV file. Sometimes you just have to use a CSV file for quick analysis.

When you export a CSV file from Store Leads, you can choose which columns to include in the file. Some columns contain multiple values (such as the list of Shopify apps installed on a store). When a single column contains multiple values, we use the colon (:) character to separate those values within the column. Sometimes that's not the right choice since the values themselves may contain colons.

To address this, we've added an Export Option to customize the character used to separate values within a column.

Multiple value separator option.