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Rank Percentile Filters

We've just added the ability to filter on rank percentiles (and platform rank percentiles). This makes it easy to run searches like "show me the top 1% of all Shopify stores".

To run this query, switch to Advanced Search and add the following filters.

  • Filter = Rank Percentile, Minimum = 99
  • Filter = Platform, Value = Shopify

Social media followers.

Note that, since the most-popular store in the database has rank #1, percentile values are inverted for simplicity. This means that a search that filters on rank percentiles between 99 and 100 will return the top 1% of stores in the database (ie. the stores with the lowest rank scores).

Rank percentile filters are also supported in our API using the f:rankmin and f:rankmax query parameters (or use f:prankmin and f:prankmax to filter on platform rank percentile).