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Finding Stores With Multiple Domains

Merchants sometimes run stores on multiple domains. This is often done when the merchant offers a country-specific store on each domain. For instance, may serve the Australian market, while sells products to UK customers and serves the US or the rest of the world.

If a merchant has multiple domains, then it could be a sign that they are more estalished and successful than a merchant with a single domain. As a result, filtering search results based on the number of domains can be useful. To do so, run an Advanced Search with a filter on the Domain Count field.

For instance, the following search will return all stores with at least 5 different domains.

Filter stores by domain count
Filter stores by domain count.

To see the list of other domains for a store, click on a store in the search results and look in the More Details section.

More details for a store
More details for a store.