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Watch Notifications for Lists

Watches are one of our most popular features. They allow you to receive an email or webhook notification summarizing stores that have installed (or uninstalled) a specific App or Technology. Until now, however, it was not possible to watch for changes on things that were not an App or Technology. As an example, if you wanted to be notified of new stores running Shopify Plus, it was not possible since "Shopify Plus" is a Plan (not an App or Technology) in the Store Leads data schema.

To address this, we've extended Watches to support Lists. Lists can be created when you save a search or you can manually add or remove stores from a list. Since we support over 50 different search filters, this means that you can create a Watch for just about any condition. Here are just a few examples of the things you can watch:

  • Shopify Plus stores
  • Stores with at least 5,000 Instagram followers
  • Stores with at least 5,000 Facebook followers that don't have a Facebook pixel installed

See our Watch documentation for information on how to create a Watch.