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Salesforce Integration

We've just released an integration with Salesforce, a popular customer relationship management platform.

With the Salesforce integration enabled, accounts on all plans can manually create new Salesforce accounts from Store Leads domains. Existing Salesforce accounts can also be manually updated.

Accounts on the Pro, Elite or Enterprise plans can also:

  • Automatically update all Salesforce accounts with the latest Store Leads data. This happens automatically as soon as we refresh our data (weekly).
  • Automatically update Salesforce accounts when they are manually created or modified within the Salesforce UI.
  • Export domains to a CSV that is compatible with Salesforce CSV import. This is useful for initially creating accounts in Salesforce or for manual bulk updates.

We also support custom field mappings so that you can configure exactly what data we send to Salesforce.

Learn more about the Salesforce integration.