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Store List by App Search Results

Let's say that you want to list all Shopify stores that have a dropshipping app installed. This has always been possible through Advanced Search but it can be fairly tedious to craft the right search since you'd need to find and click on each dropshipping app separately.

We've just introduced an easier way to search for all stores that have a set of apps installed. To start, visit the App page and run any App search. Here's an example App search that includes all Shopify apps in the "Finding and Adding Products" category. This is the category of the Shopify App Store that includes all dropshipping apps. There are (currently) 217 Shopify apps in this category.

We've just added the following button to the bottom of the App Search page.

Search for stores with at least 1 matching app installed.

When clicked, this button will take you to a domain search that includes all stores that have at least one of the 217 Shopify dropshipping apps installed. This is significantly easier than manually assembling the same search yourself. It's also easy to customize the search at this point by adding or removing relevant apps from the domain search results.