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Magento Stores

We've just added support for stores running on Magento to the Store Leads database.

This was a fairly big change for our architecture since, historically, we have been focused on stores running on platforms that were hosted by a specific company (e.g., Shopify) which made it a lot easier for us to identify domains. However, Magento can be hosted on your own servers or on any of hundreds of different hosting platforms. The changes necessary to support Magento also pave the way to support WooCommerce and other popular ecommerce platforms.

Now that Magento domains are in the database, we're hoping to soon expand our Magento coverage to include theme data and installed apps.

As part of this change, we have also introduced a new Platform Rank attribute which measures the relative popularity of a store against all other stores running on the same platform. This is especially important as we add more and more platforms to the database. You can filter stores based on Platform Rank using Advanced Search or within our API.

Platform rank filter.

See our Magento report for more information.