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Square Online

Ever since Square acquired Weebly in April, 2018, we've been patiently for them to release their new ecommerce platform. Our patience has finally been rewarded as they released the new Square Online to the public on March 27th, 2019.

And just a few days later, we've added Square to the list of ecommerce platforms that we track on Store Leads. It's still far too early to draw any conclusions about the success of the new platform. In terms of features and usage, it is dwarfed by entrenched platforms like Shopify. But that's to be expected.

We expect a spike in adoption as merchants kick the tires of the new platform, followed by a post-launch dip in interest, followed by steady usage growth over time. The pace of growth will determine the success (or failure) of this platform over the coming months and years.

Have a look at our State of Square Online report to see how things progress.