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E-Commerce Day 2022

We're looking forward to attending E-Commerce day on August 12th at the Hilton Los Angeles. We're excited to be back to in-person events and eCommerce Day will bring together agencies & tech companies that serve merchants.

The event will be a great chance to network and discuss sales/marketing ideas and talk about trends in the industry. We'll be hosting a workshop covering different ways that you can find great leads for your business in Store Leads.

Ammar will be in LA to go over a wide range of ideas and techniques for sorting through millions of leads to find that “needle in a haystack” you’re looking for. Prior to working with Store Leads, Ammar worked at Shopify & Google’s Shopping department. There he worked in different sales teams and identified techniques to find specific brands.

Please find more details and the option to purchase a ticket here. Hope to see you there!