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Relative Dates In Search

One of the most common use cases on Store Leads is to find all stores that have installed an App or Technology in the last week. It's always been possible to search based on fixed date ranges but if you want to re-run that search every week, then you need to set a new date range every week. That's fine for the occasional manual search, but not so great when you want to run it often (for instance, if you've saved a search to a list).

It's now possible to filter searches for apps and technologies based on relative dates.

Relative Dates in Search
Relative Dates in Search.

In this example, we've created a search that returns stores that have installed the "Product Reviews" app in the last week.

Our data is updated weekly, but the exact timing of the weekly update varies. Sometimes, a weekly update may cover 6 days and other times it might cover 8 days. But that often doesn't matter to you, you normally just want to know all the stores that have installed the App since the last weekly update - and that's exactly what this feature does. When a search is configured for "Last Week", it automatically covers the entire time range since the last weekly update.