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Custom Ecommerce Implementations

The Store Leads data includes over 6 million stores on 65 different ecommerce platforms, making it one of the biggest, if not the largest, collections of ecommerce stores available on the Internet. But there are several million more stores that aren't yet in our database. These are stores that are either on a legacy implementation that predates a lot of the ecommerce platforms that are popular today, or new stores that are using headless ecommerce implementations. Often, stores using a custom implementation are some of the most popular stores around, so we've always planned to add them to the database.

Today, we've added support for "Custom Cart" stores with over 375,000 new stores added to the database. And that's just the beginning. Expect to see at least 50k new stores added weekly. It should all add up to several million "Custom Cart" stores in the database by the end of 2021.

As part of this work, we made a big investment in our crawling architecture. This was necessary to discover stores running on arbitrary servers and these improvements will also increase coverage for stores using platforms that are not centrally hosted (e.g., Magento). We've also optimized our data release process in order to handle the expected increase in stores. This optimization has the side effect of getting data to you more quickly. In the past, data was typically on a Monday or Tuesday. Going forward, we expect to update on Sundays (and occassionally Mondays).