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Introducing List Actions

Lists are an easy way to keep track of ecommerce stores that are interesting for any reason. Store Leads has built-in lists that track all favorited stores and all stores that have a note. It's also possible to create your own custom lists by manually adding stores to a list or by saving a search as a list. Once your account has a list, it's possible to both search within the list and export all stores in the list to a CSV.

We're introducing List Actions to add even more functionality to lists. You can find available actions on the list detail page.

List Actions.

We're launching with 2 actions that add more features to our HubSpot and Outreach integrations. If you have either of those integrations enabled and you're on the Pro, Elite or Enterprise plan, then you can also enable the corresponding actions. These actions will automatically create new HubSpot companies (or Outreach accounts) for any stores in the list that do not already exist in your HubSpot (or Outreach) instance.

As an example, let's say that you're interested in tracking all ecommerce stores with at least 250,000 Instagram accounts. And you'd like to ensure that all those stores are added to HubSpot. To support this, you would save a search as a list and then enable the HubSpot action. Every week, when we do our data updates, we'll make sure that any new stores that match the list search will automatically be created in HubSpot.

Are there any other actions you'd like to see? If so, let us know.