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App or Technology Installation and Removal Notifications

We've just added a new feature, called Watch, which sends you weekly notifications summarizing all the stores that have installed and uninstalled a specific app or technology. This enables a number of new cases. For instance, if you have a Shopify app that integrates with a partner app, it can be really helpful to see a list of stores that have installed your partner's app.

To configure a watch, just visit a specific app or technology page and click the Watch button.

Watch button.

You'll be asked to confirm the watch.

Watch confirmation.

If you confirm, you'll receive weekly emails (every time we update our data) summarizing the domains that have installed or uninstalled the app or technology. We also immediately email you a sample email using data from last week. Here's what a watch notification email looks like.

Watch Notification.

To disable the watch, simply return to the app or technology page and click the Unwatch button.