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Pricing Changes

We'll be adding support for new ecommerce platforms to Store Leads fairly soon. Support for WooCommerce will be added within the next 10 days and PrestaShop will be added sometime in February.

To prepare for these additions, we've decided to change the way we price our product. We've been planning to increase prices for a while, since the current prices were set shortly after launch and we've added a ton of new features since then.

Pricing is now aligned with the amount of data that can be accessed. Under the new pricing structure, new Premium and Pro accounts can access data for all stores on any 2 ecommerce platforms. You'll be asked to select your 2 ecommerce platforms immediately after subscribing. And, if you stay subscribed, you'll be able to change the selected platforms once per month.

Customers that want to access data for stores on all ecommerce platforms should use the Elite plan.

Existing customers are grandfathered to have access to data for all platforms that existed at the time of this change (Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and Square Online). That way, we're not changing anything for existing customers. But, if you want data for one of the new platforms (e.g., WooCommerce), you'll need to convert to the new pricing structure.