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App and Technology Change Logs

A few months ago, we added a time series chart that showed the number of apps installed on every store in the Store Leads database. The chart, which appears under the list of apps that are currently installed on the store, let you see how merchants were installing and uninstalling apps. This was useful information but, until now, there was no way to know which apps had been tried in the past and removed. To address this need, we've added the App Change Log which can be activated by clicking the link immediately below the App Install Count History chart.

Time Series of installed apps for a domain.

When the App Change Log is displayed, you'll see a list of apps and the dates that the apps were installed and removed.

App change log.

Data for the App Change Log goes back to the beginning of 2019.

Similarly, we've added a change log of technology changes for each domain.

Technology change log.

Data for the Technology Change Log goes back to late December 2019.