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Sales Estimates for Ecommerce Stores

Store Leads has always included a rank for each store in the database. Rank is a measure of a store's popularity relative to all other stores. A store with a lower rank is more popular than a store with a higher rank.

While that's fairly intuitive, it isn't concrete. Many of you have wondered how many sales each store is making - and that's something that you couldn't divine just by looking at a store's rank.

So we've added sales estimates for each store in our database. You can see a store's estimated monthly sales in the store details.

Store Details with Estimated Sales.

You can also:

  • Order search results by estimates sales
  • Filter stores by estimates sales (using Advanced Search)
  • Retrieve sales estimates (and filter and order by sales estimates) through the API

Our sales estimates are based (in part) on traffic estimates but this approach has a few limitations that you should know:

  • Traffic estimates are notoriously inaccurate and are often slow to incluce data for new domains.
  • Traffic estimates do not reflect sales made through other channels. So, for omnichannel merchants, we can only estimate the portion of sales made through their online store. This leaves out offline sales and indirect sales. As an example, is reported to have had more than $300 million in sales in 2019 but our estimates are much lower. This is because a significant percentage of their sales occur through other channels (e.g., Amazon).