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New App Notifications

New apps are being added to the Shopify App Store at an astonishing rate. 93 new apps were publishing in June 2018 alone.

As great as the Shopify App Store is, it doesn't do a good job of showing newly published apps. There's a New and Noteworthy but it only includes apps a subset of apps. If you're working in the Shopify ecosystem, or specifically on Shopify apps, it's important to keep track of all new apps so that you are aware of the changing competitive landscape. And there's no good way to do that in the App Store.

That's why we've added a feature that sends you a daily or weekly email showing all recently created apps. To subscribe, simply visit the Apps page and click on the Yes button.

New App Notifications.

Developers can also configure webhook notifications through the Notifications tab on the Account page.