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Yampi Stores in Bhutan

Updated Oct 15 2021

There are 2 live Yampi stores in Bhutan.

In this report, we'll cover the following essential statistics on Yampi stores in Bhutan.

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Top Categories For Yampi Stores In Bhutan

Here is the breakdown of industry verticals for Yampi stores in Bhutan.


Provinces With The Most Yampi Stores In Bhutan

It's relatively easy to identify the country in which an ecommerce store operates. However, very few ecommerce stores provide a location to the province-level or city-level and even fewer provide a street address.

Here is the province distribution of Yampi stores in Bhutan. Note that we're only showing the top 15 locations here but you can see the full list within Store Leads.


Top-level Domain Distribution For Yampi Stores In Bhutan

.com is the most common top-level domain, by far, for world-wide Yampi stores. Some countries have been faster than others to adopt alternate (such as country-specific) top-level domains.

  • 100.0% of Yampi stores in Bhutan have a .bt domain.

Here is the top-level domain distribution for Yampi stores in Bhutan.

Top-level Domain

Top Yampi Stores In Bhutan

Here are the top stores in Bhutan ordered by worldwide store rank.


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