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Traffic Estimates for Stores

We've just added traffic estimates for stores in our database. To see them, just click on the new Traffic tab.

Traffic Estimates by Country.

On the Traffic Tab, you'll see country-specific values for:

  • Alexa Rank
  • Page Views %

This data comes from the Alexa Web Information Service and there are some constraints:

  • Alexa only covers about 40% of our database. Fortunately, it covers the largest stores and misses the long tail.
  • Alexa does not provide an estimate for the actual # of visitors or page views, just a percentage of page views accessed from each country.
  • Alexa data cannot be included in exports or the API.

Even with these constraints, traffic estimates can be quite helpful for a number of use cases. We'll be using this data to help estimate a store's revenue (coming soon).