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What are the 8 Best Shopify Stores Doing to Remain Successful?

Updated September 8th 2021

You might have heard the analogy before — that starting a business is like learning how to ride a bicycle for the first time?

Well, if there’s any truth to it, then starting a Shopify ecommerce business would have to be like learning how to ride a motorcycle without trying out a bicycle first.

Moving a business online isn’t an easy feat for most entrepreneurs. And it’s even harder for those who are just beginning.

At a minimum, you should expect to deal with all aspects of your business personally. From your books to your PR, product design to HR, logistics to actual sales and marketing - it’s all on you.

Without a sound business strategy, you’re bound to have difficulty keeping a decent footing in the Shopify market. Luckily, many have trod this ground before.

Today, we’ll divulge the tactics of eight of the best Shopify stores, which we hope will give you a head start with your business plan.

#1: Fashion Nova Shopify Store

Fashion Nova

With over half a billion dollars in revenue, the Fashion Nova Shopify store is one of the most reputed fashion brands globally.

Unlike other peer fashion brands, Fashion Nova prides itself on having a broad market base, offering affordable clothing for men and women of all sizes and stature.

Their Strategy? Social Media Engagement

Fashion Nova’s consistency and dedication to leveraging user-made content and social media engagement are perhaps precisely what sets it apart from most.

They regularly ask followers for feedback and offer promotions and opportunities for them to win freebies.

Bottom line: regular audience engagement coupled with the right promotional engagement is bound to drive traffic to your Shopify business.

#2: ColourPop Online Store


With more than $100 million in earnings every year, ColourPop has made a name for itself for crafting alluring product designs and then some. They’re a well-known seller of beauty products.

Their product reviews betray a depth of inspiration not common to the conventional cosmetic brand. Not only does ColourPop provide cruelty-free and vegan options, but they also engage regularly with popular cosmetic influencers.

Strategy? Influencer engagement

They send free samples of their products to influencers. These then result in higher mentions and higher engagements, which consequently yield higher purchases.

Executing a well-planned influencer sponsorship/engagement campaign will place your Shopify store at the perfect vantage point to see it grow its online business market share.

#3: Ruggable Shopify Store


Ruggable happens to be yet another popular Shopify store — this time, dealing in home décor — boasting more than 3 million monthly web visits.

Theirs is a memorably beautiful store hosting serene design elements and photos of home rugs, offered in various sizes. Their main selling point is that all the rugs in stock are high quality, durable, and machine washable.

Strategy? Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing for profitable keywords is an excellent way to capture online market share — and Ruggable uses this tactic precisely. With well-tuned copy, terms such as “washable”, “rug“, and “home rugs” are indexed to lead straight to their website.

#4: Raycon Shopify Stores


With over 1.5 million monthly visits on their ecommerce website, Raycon is one of the more visually captivating Shopify stores. They deal in wireless audio equipment and accessories.

Their website features high-res product images, reviews, and credibly sourced social proof.

Strategy? Social proof & In-depth copy

With all good marketing strategies, an appeal to the audience’s subconscious is an effective way to convert visits into purchases.

Raycon does just this by using well-known celebrities to endorse their product ideas, a tactic that research has shown can influence up to 49% of all intentional purchasing decisions. Case in point: Mike Tyson.

#5: BioLite Shopify Stores

shopify websites

BioLite is an innovative, modern tech business that has carved out a pretty decent niche for itself. They deal in off-the-grid energy solutions specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, useful for camping, climbing, and such.

Strategy? Segmentation & PR

Throwing all their resources to servicing a product as esoteric as this might mean appealing to a smaller audience. Still, with their well-ideated impact statement (and, most important, reliable delivery), BioLite makes it work.

We might also add that BioLite has made a charitable point of dedicating a significant portion of its proceeds to the significantly less fortunate.

With their products, they have sought to impact tens of thousands of African lives, offering safe lighting, charging, and cooking tools for those who live far away from the capital.

 #6: Taylor Stitch Online Store

best shopify
Taylog Stitch

This one’s yet another fashion brand, only this time they deal exclusively in male fashion.

Taylor Stitch sells cheap male attire that is recycled and made entirely of natural, regenerative fabric. They have partnered with local organizations to help with eco-logistics, which boosts their brand awareness.

Strategy? Brand story design

Taylor Stitch utilizes non-intrusive and elegant pop-ups that fit in well with their couture theme.

The lead-ins in their websites are not overwhelming and give the visitor a good set of options depending on the visitors’ preferences.

#7 Exist Travel Online Store

Exist Travel

Exists Travel is a travel agency Shopify store that owes its success to the efficacy of its well-written copy, elaborate and eye-catching product photos, and credible testimonials.

Its design appeals to the everyday globetrotter, offering a variety of travel products.

Strategy? Easy navigation & customer service

The Exist Travel Shopify store has a simple-to-navigate contact page that offers visitors a pretty good look (a simulation, almost) of where they might wish to travel.

Likewise, they use a chatbot that has a good amount of relevant responses coded into it.

#8: YouFoodz Online Store

best shopify stores

With a market value of at least $3 billion, YouFoodz is one of the Shopify stores in the catering field that has taken full advantage of the online delivery niche. Much so that by the end of 2015, its weekly sales grew from 5 percent to 10 percent.

According to an online data aggregator SimilarWeb, the online food courier business receives upwards of 200,000 visits each month.

Strategy? Referral Marketing

YouFoodz reports that more than 10% of their orders come simply from customer referrals. Word-to-mouth. This might not sound like much for the average physical business, but for an ecommerce store, it makes for an incredible boost in sales.

So as any shrewd business does, they’ve capitalized on their good fortune. Using the ReferralCandy and “Get Free Meals” referral program, YouFoodz incentivizes their customers, who then do their marketing for them. Pretty smart, no?

BONUS Shopify Store: #0: Flat Tummy Tea

Here’s a Shopify OG we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of.

Flat Tummy tea was started in 2013 as a producer of herbal tea that’s formulated with special herbal compounds that boost one’s metabolism, lessens bloating, and increases one’s TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure).

Their unsaid selling point is that it helps women reduce the size of their stomach area, giving them a flat look. Over the years, the online shop has grown exponentially into multiple global markets, gaining more than 10,000 glowing product reviews. Their yearly revenue stands at slightly over $30 million.

Strategy? Social Media & Influencer Engagement, Impeccable PR, Referral Marketing

Kim Kardashian has regularly marketed Flat Tummy Co’s products, which feature various teas, shakes, and lollipops.

Making Shopify Work for You

With more than 60 percent growth in the number of merchants each quarter, Shopify has proven itself capable of providing users with the necessary features they need to run their businesses effectively.

Why, you ask?

  • Ease-of-use — they’re incredibly easy to start; convenient for beginners
  • Large consumer base — Shopify has 20% of the total ecommerce market share
  • Cheap — with just 30 dollars a month, you’re set to start
  • Reliable customer support — prompt email replies, chatboxes
  • Leverage-able marketing tools — check out Store Leads

On the other hand, it’s important to note that some factors can adversely affect your bottom-line; among them include:

Bad strategies for Shopify store examples:

  • Choosing an already saturated niche — such as supplements, electronics
  • Bad customer service on your part — no chatboxes, slow replies to emails
  • Low-quality product & site functionality — false advertising will always do you in
  • An inadequate social media campaign — not leveraging Instagram, for instance

For a better idea of which social sites you should most leverage, here’s the lowdown of apps used by many a successful Shopify store, ranked by the prevalence of use in this table:

















Facebook Group




Store Leads: Let Your Data Work For You

If you’re an ecommerce professional who’s looking to succeed, then you’re perfectly placed to benefit from the sort of tools and information that Store Leads in. Among some of the functions we seek to serve with our tools include:

  • Lead Generation — turbocharge your prospecting. On average, over 110,000 new active stores are added every week. Our powerful segmentation features help to define the appropriate target audience.
  • Data Enrichment — augment your leads database to make better prioritization decisions. Take advantage of our CRM integrations or build your own enrichment solution using our API
  • Market Research — use our historical information to find trending stores, apps, technologies, and industry verticals.
  • Alternative Investment Data — equip you with data that has proven invaluable to public and private equity funds.

Currently, our database includes 8,134,488 active stores, 127,693 inactive stores, and another 448,439 stores that are password-protected, with updates running weekly to ensure that our extensive set of attributes are timely and accurate.

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