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Growth of Etsy Shops Powered by Pattern: Stats and Figures

Updated August 16th 2021

In 2016, Etsy introduced a new service—a possibility to link your Etsy inventory to the shop under a domain of your own choosing. It’s a place where Etsy sellers can establish themselves as a brand in their own right without the hassle of endless administrative tasks.

With Pattern by Etsy, artists that have been selling their handcrafted products and unique gifts are a couple of clicks from having their own store—synced with Etsy and exempt from their fees.

Fast forward to today, Pattern by Etsy is still a popular service for artists who seek more freedom from Etsy’s policies and want to sell products that the popular site doesn’t approve of.

Ever since the service appeared, crafty Etsy sellers have been asking the same question: Is it worth it?

We analyzed the pool of 17,267 Etsy Pattern stores available in our database to find out what makes the thriving Pattern stores tick.

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • The most popular product categories
  • Social media usage
  • Number of sold products
  • Top 10 most popular Etsy shops stats

The Most Popular Product Categories

Apparel is the most common product category with Etsy by Pattern stores. Within the apparel category that counts 5,705 stores, there are:

  • 2,805 stores that fall under the clothing accessories sub-category
  • 408 stores in the casual apparel sub-category
  • 218 stores in the women’s clothing sub-category
  • 192 stores under the children’s clothing sub-category
  • 130 stores under headwear sub-category

The rest of the sub-categories that count 60 stores or less are costumes, footwear, eyewear, undergarments, men’s clothing, formal wear, swimwear, and athletic apparel.

Besides apparel, popular main product categories are:

  • People and society (family and relationships, religion, social issues, and subcultures) that count 223 stores
  • Wedding with 73 stores
  • Home and garden with 34 stores

Most stores thrive and rely on the apparel category, but it’s also the category that’s over-saturating the market of Pattern shops.

On the other hand, the top category on Etsy itself is home and living (followed by art & collectibles and jewelry). This inconsistency is due to the different ways that Etsy and Store Leads categorize stores.

Social Media Usage

The following numbers indicate which social media platforms Pattern artists use to create leads:

  • 6,966 stores are on Facebook promoting their products
  • 3,919 stores rely on Instagram following for promotion
  • 2,358 stores create pins for Pinterest
  • 1,636 stores connect with their buyers on Twitter
  • 62 stores share videos on YouTube
  • 25 stores create and share videos on Tiktok

The Pattern platform allows more independence to artists, but that also means they have to create their own traffic using social media.

The most commonly used social media platform, Facebook, has also notably been around the longest—since 2004.

TikToks aren’t time-consuming to make compared to YouTube videos, but Tiktok is also the newest social media that’s yet to withstand the test of time.

It’s common for stores to have more than one social media account that represents their work and where they share products—especially platforms such as Instagram and Facebook that are easy to link since the same company owns them.

9 of 10 highest-grossing Pattern stores have more than one social media they’re consistent with—mostly Instagram and Facebook.

Combined Number of Followers

The top three stores with the largest number of followers combined are:

Store Social Media


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter



Carla Lanos Illustrations


Let’s take a closer look at their stats and figures.

ShakePaws store details.

The store ShakePaws has the largest number of combined followers across social media and has amassed 597,335 followers on Facebook. They’ve been growing their Pattern store since 2018, and their estimated sales are USD $33,816.11/month.

ShakePaws sells pet-related cards for a variety of occasions—mostly cat and dog-themed.

CurlCap store details.

CurlCap has a significant number of Instagram followers that count toward their combined number of followers overall—249,978. The store has been active on Pattern since 2019, and its estimated sales are USD $77,668,53 per month.

The shop sells caps for girls with curly hair.

Carla Lanos Illustrations store details.

Carla Lanos Illustrations gets its traffic from an Instagram account that 178,235 users currently follow. The artist that sells her prints in the store has been growing her Pattern site since 2020, and her estimated earnings are USD $16,146.35/month.

Number of Products Sold

The estimated number of different products sold per store:

  • The majority of the stores (77) have 100–249 different products
  • The second most common range is 25–49 different products under which fall 60 stores
  • It’s followed by the 59 stores that have 1–9 products
  • Two stores count over 5000 varied products

Number of products sold breakdown for Etsy Pattern stores.

How Does a Variety of Products Translate to Earnings?

Two stores stand out as having the highest number of different products sold on the site—Shop Exile in the range of 5,000–24,999 available products and Prints by MA design in the range of 10,000–24,999.

Active since 2018, Shop Exile stands out as the shop with the highest number of sold items—19,018 with estimated earnings of USD $12,258.75 per month. It sells durable vintage pieces that were made to last (apparel product category).

The second shop, also active since 2018, with a wide offer, is Prints by MA design, whose current estimated number of products sold is 5,055 with earnings of USD $61,459.72/month. It sells digital printable files that are customized for the exact needs of its customers. Although more products can translate to higher income, it’s not a general rule of thumb. For example, estimated earnings for the top-selling Pattern site that has two different products, Electric Ink, are USD $52,422.68 per month.

It ultimately depends on your products and whether it makes sense to have a large variety of items selling on your Pattern site.

Top 5 Highest Ranked Etsy Shops

The top five best-ranking (most popular) stores that have been using Pattern to grow their shops are:

  1. Sofra Studio which ranks #1 among Etsy by Pattern stores, but 81,336 compared to all eCommerce stores on the internet
  2. ElectricInk, #2 Pattern store with an overall ranking of 91,398
  3. Postroad Vintage ranks #3 on Pattern, but 104,764 when competing with platforms such as Shopify
  4. Miss Kinky Latex, #4 Pattern store positioned 104,960 when compared to all eCommerce stores in our database
  5. Roma Arellano, #5 Pattern store with an overall store ranking of 105,776

The ranks are determined based on the traffic, number of followers on social media, and links to the domain.

These aren’t stores that will appear on the first page of the Google search. However, the charm of Etsy has always been in buying something unique that isn’t available in unlimited quantities.


Growing on Pattern since

Product Category

Number of Products

Estimated monthly earnings

Sofra Studio




USD $8,207.65

Electric Ink




USD $52,422.68

Postroad Vintage


Antiques & Collectibles


USD $8,534.63

Miss Kinky Latex




USD $29,868.65

Roma Arellano




USD $50,285.22

The highest-ranking Pattern stores fall under the apparel category, which is also the most popular category overall.

More products don’t always equal the highest-grossing stores. It also depends on whether the store (artists) make or find unique pieces.

Sofra Studio, Electric Ink, and Miss Kinky Latex sell high-quality and unique apparel that takes time to make.

Stores with a significantly higher number of unique items such as Postroad Vintage and Roma Arellano find and curate unique pieces sold on their Pattern sites.

Which Social Media Do Top Ranking Stores Use?

To grow their customer base with social media:

  • Sofra Studio has been using Instagram and Facebook
  • ElectricInk has been on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter
  • Postroad Vintage uses Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • Miss Kinky Latex has Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Roma Arellano has Facebook and Pinterest accounts

For highlighted stores, using more than one form of media led to managing a successful store people are likely to find when buying unique gifts and art.

Facebook is the most popular and commonly used social media platform for top-ranking Pattern sellers.

Interestingly enough, Pattern sites are more likely to use Pinterest or similar media that relies on images and not videos such as YouTube or Tiktok.

Some of these shops might be using Facebook or Instagram ads to bring traffic to their site.

Growing a Successful Pattern Store

Our data can confirm that growing a following on social media, and selling in the most popular product category all count towards high monthly earnings.

Artists who connect their Etsy inventory with Pattern by Etsy stores most likely already are top-selling accounts on the site and want to avoid Etsy fees and independently work on their brand image.

Pattern has additional expenses (e.g., for domain and themes) that you have to pay on top of maintaining your Etsy account—because one cannot exist without the other.

Since Pattern is a new edition to Etsy, we have yet to discover how it affects sales and whether it’s a worthy investment for crafty artists who wish to build a brand on their own.

Want to dive even deeper into the statistics of your competitors and find out which apps do they use to get traffic on their store, all about their estimated monthly earnings, what makes them tick, and more?

Take a peek at the most successful stores’ recipe for success in our database.

You may also be interested in our full report on the State of Etsy Pattern, which contains up-to-date statistics on platform adoption.

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