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4 Best Shopify Themes With Modern Designs

Updated August 28th 2021

A website theme is the skeleton of basic User Interface design efforts. Every other color or font change will be subject to the theme you choose. This is why picking the best Shopify theme for your store is essential.

When choosing the perfect theme, one important factor to consider is how current the design is. One of the many reasons why this is important is that customers tend to buy from brands that are new, fresh and keep up with trends. It shows that they have the ability to evolve. This is what you want your brand to represent.

Following, we’ll cover:

  • Name of theme
  • Theme cost
  • Number of stores using theme
  • Features
  • Store with highest sales on theme
  • Overview + Stats of a random store that uses theme

Theme 01 - “Brooklyn” by Shopify

The Brooklyn theme is a free Shopify theme built specially for modern apparel stores.

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Brooklyn theme on

Date from the Store Leads Dashboard

  • Brooklyn is the second most popular theme among active websites on Shopify. It is used by over 105 thousand active stores.
  • It comes in two styles: Classic and Playful.
  • 65.4% of active Shopify sites on Brooklyn use Classic.
  • While 31.7% use Playful. This makes Classic the more popular theme style.
  • The ecommerce site with the highest sales on Brooklyn,, makes $7,989,099.42 a month in estimated sales
  • 25.8% of stores sell between 1-9 products
  • The shop with the lowest sales,, makes $100 a month in estimated sales and uses the “Classic” theme style
  • 17,083 active stores are dropshippers. Thus, it powers 8% of active dropshippers on Shopify

Brooklyn comes with a powerhouse of modern features. These include a mobile responsive design, unique fonts, header slideshow to showcase several products or brand photos on the store Homepage. There is also a dynamic product grid which means that the arrangement of your products changes automatically depending on the number.

Brooklyn Store — Clothes Mentor

Clothes Mentor sells gently used designer clothing, bags and accessories.

Interesting statistics for Clothes Mentor:

  • Theme style: Playful
  • Number of distinct products sold: 194,960
  • Average product price: $17.30
  • Number of vendors: 6,166

Theme 02 - “Simple” by Shopify

Simple is a free Shopify theme designed to give products get all of the attention. Hence, supplementary functionality is kept at a minimum.

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Simple theme on
  • Simple is the 6th most popular among Shopify stores. It is used by about 50,000 active Shopify stores.
  • Out of this figure, 79.2% of users opt for the “Light” theme style.
  • “Beauty” is used by 15.1% and 593 shops use an unknown theme style
  • 91.2% of shops use a custom domain name
  • 18.5% of shops are dropshippers. 17% offer print on demand services
  • 2.5% of online stores are in Spanish
  • The online shop with the highest number of sales,, makes an estimated $2,886,651.90 a month in sales.
  • Stores selling apparel make up 35.2% of the total percentage

Simple comes with a number of essential features including a sidebar menu to easily display products and collections, and product image zoom to enlarge product photos. Customers can hover over an image to reveal additional details.

Also, website images animate into the page creating a smooth transition effect. To boost order count, recommended products are automatically shown on product pages. Plus, free theme updates which can always be downloaded from the Shopify theme store.

The Unbranded Brand

The Unbranded Brand is a Shopify store that sells premium quality Japanese denim at affordable prices. They are able to lower their prices by keeping branding costs at the bare minimum. This enables customers to get the quality of designer jeans at a fraction of the cost. For The Unbranded Brand, products get all the attention. Hence, Simple was the best theme to choose.

Interesting statistics for The Unbranded Brand:

  • Niche: Casual apparel
  • Theme style: Light
  • Number of distinct products sold: 33
  • Average product price: USD $104.72
  • Number of vendors: 1

Theme 03 - “Blockshop” by Troop Themes

For the $180 price tag, Blockshop comes with a host of premium features including a mega menu. Product filtering and sorting for product discovery. Size chart, color swatches, and high-resolution images for merchandising. Product badges, promo tiles, and back-in-stock alert for marketing and conversion.

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Blockshop theme on
  • Blockshop powers just over 9000 active stores on Shopify.
  • It costs $180 in addition to an unlimited free trial window. You only pay if you publish your site
  • Blockshop comes in four styles: Beauty, Moto, Summer, and Deli
  • 33.6% of Blockshop-powered stores use the Deli theme style. Moto follows behind with 26.6%. 20.6% are on Beauty. Summer comes last at 13.3%.
  • 17.4% of Blockshop stores sell between 10-24 distinct products
  • 98 out of 9136 Blockshop stores are on the Shopify plus plan
  • 10.6% of users are based in Australia. 47.6% are based in the United States
  • 31.5% of stores are in the apparel niche. Beauty and fitness follows closely with 27.4%. 847 active Blockshop stores on shopify sell food and drink
  • 98% of shops use a custom domain
  • The best selling shop on Blockshop,, makes $6,704,102.28 a month in estimated sales. It uses the “Moto” theme style
  • 472 Blockshop store owners are dropshippers
  • 404 operate on the Print on Demand business model

Described by Shopify as a “spacious grid-style theme with bold hero imagery”, Blockshop is great for stores that process large transactions within a given timeframe. It is also suitable for brands that rely on visual storytelling. Hence, clothing, beauty and food related businesses are the best niches for this theme.

Michelle Beauty

Michelle Beauty is a Canadian based beauty brand. They opened shop August 2020 and they have a collection of lip glosses, eyeshadow palettes, and highlighters. Blockshop is perfect for this brand because of the focus on images. Michelle Beauty is able to showcase her products using captivating photography.

Interesting statistics for Michelle Beauty:

  • Niche: Make-up and cosmetics
  • Theme style: Beauty
  • Number of distinct products sold: 20
  • Average product price: CAD $14.13
  • Number of vendors: 2

Theme 04 - “Prestige” by Maestrooo

Prestige is a premium theme with a $180 price tag. This is the average price of paid themes in the Shopify theme store. Key features include mega menus, image hotspot linking, slide out cart, color swatch and timeline.

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Prestige theme on
  • 59,050 active Shopify websites use a theme from Maestrooo, making them the fourth most popular theme vendor.
  • 44,589 out of this number use Prestige, the 8th most popular theme on Shopify.
  • This modern Shopify theme uses fonts like Century Gothic and Futura to create a clean finish.
  • It is available in three styles which include: Allure, Couture and Vogue.
  • 57.4% of Prestige users use the Vogue theme style. 30% use Couture. 15% use Allure.
  • 38.2% of stores that use Prestige sell apparel
  • 18.8% of shops sell between 1-9 distinct products
  • The store with the highest number of sales on Prestige,, makes $17,820,510.97 a month in estimated sales. This shop uses the Couture theme style.
  • The shop with the lowest sales,, also uses the Couture theme style.
  • 44,226 websites on Prestige use a custom domain. Only 731 used a Platform domain.
  • 65 shops are trending on TikTok. This means that the shops have at least 5000 followers and growing at least 5% month-over-month

One thing to note is that the theme style does not directly affect sales on its own. Both the store with the most sales and the store with the least use the same theme style.


Cupshe sells stylish and affordable swimwear and beachwear for women. Cupshe inspires women all over the world to have fun and make memories of precious moments.

Interesting statistics for Cupshe:

  • Niche: Swimwear/Apparel
  • Theme style: Couture
  • Estimated sales per month:$5,887,230.99
  • Number of distinct products sold: 1495
  • Average product price: $25.23
  • Number of vendors: 2

Modern Shopify theme, great online store

The hallmark of a modern theme is providing the best user experience for your customers. This means that:

  1. Your customers need very little help making purchases from your site
  2. Your website content (if any) is well supported

To achieve these, your website needs to load fast, feature web-friendly text, smooth layouts and animations. Plus, color combinations need to contrast yet complement each other.

When in doubt, remove any element that poses as a distraction for a user to reach their goal. Common elements include; Too much CTA’s, pop-ups and massive walls of text.

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